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Która latarka do EDC? Modele Ledlensera i Nitecore’a - Sapsan Sklep

Which EDC flashlight? Ledlenser and Nitecore models

What is an EDC flashlight? The English term everyday carry (EDC for short) means that the item is intended (and appropriately adapted) to be worn take it with you as everyday inventory. How to select a flashlight for EDC ? In this post, we will look at several handheld flashlights from Ledlenser and Nitecore, which are perfect for traveling and work companions. Check the handy flashlights up to 100 , 200 and 300 zlotys.

Ledlenser flashlights - garage beginnings

Before listing the products in each price range, we first take a closer look at the two leading manufacturers of flashlights. The Ledlenser company was founded by two brothers Harald and Rainer Opolek from Solingen, who did not have much at their disposal while starting their business. They could only boast of an old Atari computer, a set of tools in the garage and a drawing pad, and their starting capital was a little more than 1000 Deutsche marks.

Today, Ledlenser is one of the largest flashlight manufacturers in the world and the owner of over two hundred different patents and proprietary technological solutions. Handheld flashlights and headlamps Ledlenser are real bestsellers in Sapsan . Ledlenser also has many proposals for the youngest users, as well as the workshop torches, which are perfect for working in a garage or on a construction site.

Nitecore - flashlights from enthusiasts for professionals

The Nitecore company was founded by true enthusiasts. Their offer is available in over 100 countries around the world and is famous for EDC flashlights for professional users (e.g. hunters, military, sailors). It is worth mentioning that the company helped search teams locate victims of earthquakes and hurricanes. Nitecore stands out in the industry in terms of new standards, aesthetics, performance and functionality of the equipment.

EDC flashlights up to 100 zlotys

As for EDC flashlights , then world ranking with the best flashlight in the first place has never been created, because here it really all depends on the personal needs of the user. The key in choosing the right EDC flashlight can be, among others:

  • general information about each model,
  • price,
  • power supply way,
  • liking the solutions used by a specific manufacturer,
  • purpose, place and way of using the flashlight.

Our proposals EDC flashlights up to 100 PLN are e.g. models: Ledlenser K6R, Ledlenser ST4 Black and Ledlenser P3 Core.

EDC flashlight Ledlenser K6R (gold)

The K6R Ledlenser gold-colored flashlight is in fact a mini flashlight that you can attach to your keys. It has 3 levels of illumination (up to 400 lm). It is very practical, it weighs little (only 30 g), it is handy, it has a pendant. How do I charge it? Via USB (integrated tip to be plugged into the port). It has a transport lock and an additional red light.

Latarka EDC dla kobiet Ledlenser K6R Safety złota

EDC torch Ledlenser ST4 Black

This flashlight has a special steel clip, thanks to which you can conveniently attach it to your backpack or trouser pocket.It is not afraid of a light rain, because it meets the requirements of the IP54 waterproof class. It has an efficient High Power LED and is powered by two AAA batteries. It has 3 modes of operation. Switching between them is possible thanks to the switch on the back of the flashlight. The maximum power of this EDC flashlight is 180 lumens at a distance of 70 meters.

Latarka EDC Ledlenser ST4 Black

EDC torch Ledlenser P3 Core

Model P3 Ledlenser Core means high efficiency and the ability to fit into any trouser, jacket or shirt pocket. Very handy and equipped with the patented by Ledlenser Advanced Focus System (with only one hand you can quickly and conveniently switch the beam of light from diffused to focused and vice versa). It can be powered by AAA alkaline battery (included) or alternatively by NiMH 1.2V battery.

Latarka EDC Ledlenser P3 Core

EDC flashlights for 200 and 300 zlotys

Flashlights in a slightly higher price range, which will also be perfect as a gift for Boy's Day or for Christmas, include, among others highly efficient flashlight Nitecore MT2A , EDC flashlight Nitecore MT21C, which is characterized by a rather interesting design and Nitecore EC23 with an innovative button that provides access to up to 5 brightness levels and 3 additional lighting modes.

EDC flashlight Nitecore MT2A

A model that deserves the attention of many enthusiasts. Aviation aluminum, detachable anti-skid clip, excellent grip are just some of the features of this flashlight. And if you accidentally fall out somewhere, it will not roll, because it has a special design that prevents rolling. Its maximum power is as much as 345 lumens. It can last up to 50 hours. It has two fast switching modes. This flashlight can be submerged in water up to 2 meters (waterproof to IPX8 standard).

Latarka EDC Nitecore MT2A

EDC torch Nitecore MT21C

This multifunctional flashlight has a very interesting structure. Thanks to this, you can tilt the head by 90 ° (in the shape of the letter L) and treat this flashlight as a lamp that will help you at work. It can be placed vertically. Additionally equipped with a pendant and a magnetic base, which significantly increases the possibilities of using this model. Resistant to falls from 1 meter. Just like its predecessor, it has the same waterproof standard. Peak beam intensity of 8,500 cd and a maximum range of 184 meters. It is also worth adding that the side switch controls 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes.

Latarka EDC Nitecore MT21C

EDC torch Nitecore EC23

It offers 5 white light modes and a power of up to 1800 lumens. Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with an anodized HAIII military grade finish. The high-performance DC plate ensures a maximum lifetime of this flashlight up to 330 hours. Also waterproof and fallproof like its predecessors. Maximum peak beam intensity 16,200 cd and maximum range up to 255 meters.

Latarka EDC Nitecore EC23

We hope you will find this list of EDC flashlights useful! And before you indulge in your passions and working with your favorite flashlight, add the appropriate knife to your EDC Personal Set. We wrote about the different types of blades in this article .

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