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Flipper Zero – czy jest legalny? 8 odpowiedzi na Wasze pytania - Sapsan Sklep

Flipper Zero - is it legal? 8 answers to your questions

Let's take a closer look at the device sometimes called the Tamagotchi for hackers and criminals or the Pentester's Swiss Army Knife. In this article you will learn more about what Flipper Zero has to offer. What can it do? What color versions does it come in? What memory card is recommended for Flipper? By reading this post, you will learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Flipper Zero product.

Flipper Zero with WiFi Devboard

What is Flipper Zero and what is it for?

In a nutshell, Flipper is simply the ultimate multi-tool for geeks, pentesters and hardware enthusiasts. It's one tiny, pocket-sized device with powerful features. It combines many tools: RFID, RF, Infrared, HID emulation, GPIO, hardware debugging, 1-Wire, Bluetooth, WiFi and more. Let's move on to the 8 most frequently asked questions about it.

1. Is Flipper Zero legal?

Yes. Flipper Zero is legal and has been entered on the list of permitted items for trading in the European Union. The device comes in three versions. We offer the European one. It is adapted to the requirements of the EU in terms of supported frequencies.

2. Flipper Zero - where to buy?

It is possible to buy Flipper on various websites, but the Sapsan store is the only one selling it in Poland:

  • new,
  • straight from the manufacturer,
  • with warranty.

We take the product from the manufacturer, we are in constant contact with him and we offer full support in handling the Flipper Zero product. The price of the device in our store is the lowest compared to various online auctions or offers on Allegro. We checked and there the prices are much higher and the devices are sold by private individuals. Often it can also be dropshipping.

3. Does the Sapsan store operate on a dropshipping basis?

No. Every Flipper, every item leaves our warehouse. This is not dropshipping. Each new Flipper order is shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Thanks to this, within 2-3 days the package is usually already at the customer's.

Flipper Zero on the Sapsan Store

4. Flipper Zero - what can it do?

We have already talked about what Flipper Zero can do and how it works in the videos. The most popular features such as

and many more we also discussed on our YouTube channel.

In this video we present the whole unboxing of the device. We show the contents of the package in which Flipper Zero comes to you. You can also see what it looks like right after launch and how to update Flipper (you have the option to do it with the help of a computer or phone). In the video, the update was performed on Windows, but of course you can also do it on Linux and Mac. Thanks to the software, you can control the Flipper directly from your computer.

Flipper Zero BadUSB module

5. Does Flipper Zero come in other colors?

Flipper Zero is currently only available in white. There used to be a black version that the creators of Flipper sent to people who supported the project at a very early stage. It is possible, however, that we will introduce non-standard enclosures to our offer, which will allow us to change colors.

6. What memory card for Flipper?

Flipper does not need too much memory, but it is recommended to choose a minimum 16 GB SD card . Why? Because the card saves updates, which over time can weigh more.

7. Is a WiFi devboard required to update Flipper Zero?

No, it's not necessary. You don't need a WiFi tile to easily update your device.

8. What are the accessories for Flipper Zero?

In addition to the above inquiries, you often write us messages about Flipper accessories. Here they are:

  1. Silicone housing
  2. WiFi devboard that extends Flipper's capabilities.
  3. Prototype boards that give you the opportunity to build your own systems.
  4. Unofficial additions - Stay tuned! They will be available in our store soon.

Have more questions? Feel free to write to us. Find us also on social media. We regularly post useful publications there.

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Dmytro - August 16, 2023

Hello Sapsan, what is the difference between FlipperZero European version and original one?

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