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Mobilny Hacking. PinePhone Pro – telefon na Linuxie - Sapsan Sklep

Mobile Hacking. PinePhone Pro - a phone on Linux

The Linux phone, perfect for cybersecurity professionals, is now available in the Sapsan store. This is PinePhone Pro! Where to buy this device and what is its price? Who will this be the best option for? What systems can be installed on PinePhone Pro? What else can be connected to this phone? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

Linux phone – PinePhone Pro

The ability to call and send text messages, as well as access to all the tools offered by Linux are just some of the advantages of PinePhone. Although the price of the device is not the lowest, professional pentesters and cybersecurity enthusiasts will certainly appreciate its performance and all its possibilities. All enthusiasts rub their hands at the sight of it, because the very idea that it is a phone that runs Linux instead of Android or IOS is beautiful! Equipped with a six-core processor, PinePhone Pro is a minicomputer with the ability to make calls and send text messages. Has access to all the tools Linux offers. However, if you are used to popular instant messaging applications, rely on your banking apps, use multiple loyalty or travel apps every day, or play mobile video games on your smartphone, then PinePhone Pro is probably not for you.

Linux – PinePhone as a portable computer

You can buy a HUB docking station for your phone - for PinePhone Nethunter Pro , which allows you to connect:

  • screen,
  • keyboard,
  • mice,
  • external network card,
  • SD card.

PinePhone Pro then turns into a portable computer. The PinePhone Pro Linux phone has a replaceable battery , which is a big plus, and the whole thing can be disassembled by a layman. All parts that often break when the device is dropped (screen, back cover and middle part), as well as all electronic components, including the motherboard, are available from the manufacturer.

PinePhone Pro Nethunter Pro

PinePhone Pro includes special tools and software that allow you to:

  • penetration tests,
  • network security audits
  • and other advanced cybersecurity operations.

PinePhone Pro – where to buy ?

The PinePhone Pro Linux phone can be purchased at the Sapsan store. And why is it worth adding it to your cart with us? Below are some reasons.

  • You receive a two-year warranty and service. We have become an official partner of Pine64, so servicing the equipment and the warranty process is in our hands.
  • You have full support should any problems arise while using your Pinephone Pro.
  • We ship the goods immediately to you (from Poland).
  • The phone comes to you with the Nethunter Pro system installed, which is a distribution optimized for penetration testing, and the system already has all the tools needed for testing installed.
  • When you buy Linux PinePhone PRO edition with Kali NetHunter Pro , you support the PinePhone project and contribute to the development of the Nethunter system. Part of the proceeds from sales goes to the developers of this system.

Some time ago, the Nexus 6p phone was available in the Sapsan store, but its production was suspended. A strong alternative today is undoubtedly PinePhonePro. Where to buy it ? We hope you now know the answer to this question and are looking forward to testing all its tools and software.

What systems can be installed on PinePhone Pro?

You can view the list of all available versions and tools for PinePhone Pro here . The optimal system will be Manjaro with UI Phosh, which supports Waydroid (Android, not emulation, just full kernel sharing with Linux in real-time; it works very well in simple applications and you can add Android apks to the Linux menu). It is also possible to install FOSS, modem software via UI, which is fully allowed and legal in Poland.

Are there other versions of this phone? Well, there is a basic version of the phone, which is simply PinePhone (without pro in the name), but it is a phone 10 times slower than the pro version . That's why we recommend the pro version, and if you have any questions about this device, we remain at your disposal.

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