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Prezenty last minute. 5 pomysłów na prezent na święta - Sapsan Sklep

Last minute gifts. 5 Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is already behind the proverbial belt, so it's time for unique last minute gifts . Especially for you, we have created a list of Christmas gift ideas for programmers, pentesters and people fascinated by the topic of cyber security. There will also be gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts. We hope that this post will make you no longer have any doubts about what to buy for the holidays .

What gift for the man who has everything ?

Finding creative gifts for the holidays can be a real challenge, especially when you're running out of time and it seems that the person you want to gift has practically everything. What do men like to get as a gift ? Everything that is related to their interests, way of being and passion. Below is a list of last minute gifts . You will find mainly suggestions for men from the following categories:

although there will also be something interesting for women. Well, let's go!

1. Cybersecurity book

book " Web application security " is a must-have item for every self-respecting cybersec fan. Why is it a special gift? Because these are copies with the signatures of the authors and it is the first project of this type on the Polish market. Specialists in their industries, Polish pentesters have created a solid compendium of knowledge that builds awareness of threats and shows proven methods of application protection. Every programmer, tester and pentester will find interesting threads here, as well as learn about key tools and unique offensive techniques.

Cybersec gift book

2. Knives, i.e. gifts for Christmas up to PLN 150

Someone once said that you can never have too many knives and he was absolutely right. After all, everyone is suitable for something different, there are different types of blades and handles, so it's no wonder that some collect knives and are passionate about this topic. If you are looking for a gift for Christmas up to PLN 100 or PLN 150, take a look at:

  • Magnum The Milled One Knife - This knife really impresses with its simple, all-steel construction. Perfect as a surprise for my husband . It has a milled groove with a satin stainless steel blade. The handle is made of sandblasted matt stainless steel.
  • Knife Böker Plus DW-1 - A small but effective knife great as a last minute gift . It is the smallest pocket knife in history, but it is characterized by high usability and ergonomics. Its length is only 7 cm. A quality nylon storage case is also included.
  • Magnum Advance Desert Pro 440C knife - The handle of this knife is made of plastic, which has been additionally reinforced with fiber. It has non-slip rubber inserts for a better grip. Spear-point blade made of 440C stainless steel. A durable nylon belt sheath is also included.
Gift knife

3. Flashlight as a gift for him and her

A small female flashlight , which will be great as a keychain, can also be a rescue answer to the difficult question of what to buy for the holidays for a girl . It is ultra-compact, elegant, pretty and practical. Our order history clearly shows that the girls are in love with this flashlight. How about something more masculine? Here you are:

  • Multifunctional flashlight with an interesting design and head adjustment up to 90 ° by Nitecore. Drop resistance from 1 meter, submersible up to 2 meters, magnetic base and the ability to stand vertically - these are just some of the features of this flashlight that make it perfect for EDC and as a Christmas gift for your husband.
  • The Ledlenser headlamp is the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend . Especially if he runs, likes to walk in the mountains, swims or just loves the outdoors. Dog owners who love walking in forests and parks also appreciate this model.

Check also the promotional sets category in the Sapsan store.

Gift flashlight

4. Cybersec online course

Online courses on cybersecurity are a brilliant option, especially if someone plans to gain new qualifications, re-industry and change their profession in the new year. With the right training, you can finally reach for a better salary and your dream job. You will find suggestions for people who want to start their adventure in IT Security or start a practical WiFi network hacking course. We recommend it as a last-minute gift , especially because when you buy access to such an online course, you don't have to worry about shipping or worry about whether the Christmas gift will arrive on time.

Gift course

5. Backpack or kidney

A survival backpack with a capacity of 30 liters will be perfect for one-day and weekend trips out of town. This model has a classic design, so it will also pass the exam as a backpack for work, school or university. The set includes a rain cape. We also recommend the Gekon waist bag with three separate pockets from the same manufacturer (Wisport). Convenient to carry the EDC set.

Military gift backpack

We hope you already know what to buy for Christmas for your loved one. Have questions? Go on. We are here for you.

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