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Multitool Böker Plus Tango Bar Mini

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The reliable multifunctional tool by Peter Fegan is now available in a slightly smaller version in response to many customer requests, thus bridging the gap between the lever tool and the Kubotan. The wide tip of the Boker Plus Tango Bar Mini can be used for leverage as well as a makeshift screwdriver, while the integrated clip not only allows it to be carried on the hem of a pocket or on clothing, but also on a number of MOLLE loops. The generous handle ring ensures easy pulling and safe handling in all situations of life and use. Thus, the Tango Bar is not only an excellent complement to Peter Fegan knives, but is also convincing in everyday use in any other constellation. The extremely sturdy tool is made of D2 with a black powder coating that protects it from environmental influences and gives it an appealing look. Supplied with a high-quality nylon case for storage.